Get the gifts you really want to get. Give the gifts you really want to give.

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With Vesta you are no longer limited to big box stores.

Congratulations on your engagement! You are about to begin a new chapter in your life and you want your wedding registry to be as unique and authentic as you are.

Friends and family want to be able to help you celebrate and start off with gifts that are meaningful and special. With Vesta as your alternative online registry, you will get your favorite gifts, from your favorite people, from your favorite stores.

Wish locally. Gift Locally.

Vesta allows you to choose unique and premium gifts from small stores for your registry. Your guests can simply purchase through the platform whether it be your sister or cousin who lives across the globe.

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About Vesta

Hi, I'm Heather!

I started Vesta because I saw a problem that needed to be fixed. I was registering for gifts for my wedding, and the only options I had were big box stores that had items that didn't reflect me and my partner at all. At the same time, my friends were getting married and I wanted to give them thoughtful, authentic gifts that matched who they were. So I created Vesta.

With Vesta, you will be able to create a registry with items from any store, including small stores and boutiques that you love. And your guests will be able to search your registry to find you gifts that you actually want, instead of another gravy boat. Get rid of slider with quotes - still working on these.

Heather Dughaish


Wish with us.

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